In these days of uncertainty, the rhythm of daily life has suddenly been replaced by the deafening silence of social distancing, shelter-in-place, and self-quarantining.

When I first moved to Anaheim, California, I soon became perplexed by an unusual thumping boom sound for about 15 minutes each evening beginning at 9:30. At first, I conjectured one of my neighbors enjoyed an exercise regime that included time on an elliptical or other kind of exercise machine at the appointed hour.

Over time, I came to realize I heard the distant thunder of Disneyland’s nightly fireworks. Although not visible from home, the fireworks were definitively audible. Each evening, I came to note the hour by the booming tones, which became something of a welcome friend like the tolling of a grandfather clock.

The absent resonation of Disneyland fireworks is one of myriad sounds no longer punctuating the day’s activity. Decreased traffic and the nearly inaudible hum of productivity from socially distanced spaces, creates a silence in this international vacation city that rests eerily on the ears: the deafening silence of social distancing. Although the unexpected pause in our frenzied life disquiets with how will? and what if? the blanket of silence serves to still my heart so I once again find peace and hope. May you find a quiet place where you can rest on the Rock of Ages.